Anti-Keystone XL activists flip-flop again – admit oil sands will be developed regardless of Keystone XL

And the flip-flopping from Keystone XL opponents continues.  Earlier this week, after claiming for years the oil sands from Keystone XL would go to China, the NRDC came out with a paper arguing instead that there would be “a flood” of oil sands in the Midwest and Northeast states.  Then Tom Steyer came out with […]

Keystone XL activists can’t get their story straight

Just days after the NRDC released a “report” proclaiming that there will be a “a flood” of oil sands into the United States and a “dramatic increase in the use of tar sands – derived gasoline in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states,” – flip flopping completely on their fundamental anti-Keystone XL talking points by the […]

While Tom Steyer may be confused on jobs, no one else is

Tom Steyer is trying to grab headlines again, this time putting out a press release announcing NextGen Climate Action’s new “study” which argues that there are “diverging job estimates” on Keystone XL. Shocking, we know. At OSFC we clicked on the link to the study expecting, well, a study. But all we found was an […]

New Poll Finds “People in the Path” Overwhelmingly Support Keystone XL

A new Pew poll released this week found that a large majority of Americans (65%) continue to support Keystone XL, revealing once again that most Democrats, Republicans and Independents want the pipeline to be built.  Importantly, the poll also found that in the states the pipeline would traverse – Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma […]

Steyer’s Keystone XL Ad Gets Ignored…Again

OOPS! Steyer Inadvertently Celebrates Oil Boom in Jobs Ad Tom Steyer launched his latest anti-Keystone XL television ad over the weekend, but you would hardly know it considering how little attention it got. Looks like many in the media are getting tired of Steyer’s hyped-up claims and misleading statements (the New Yorker called his previous […]

The Truth about Exports vs. “Political Theater” and “Stunts”

1)    KXL is not a crude export pipeline 2)    The vast majority of crude oil refined in the U.S. has remained in the U.S. (products not used or in limited demand in the U.S. have been exported) 3)    President Obama’s National Export Initiative calls for doubling exports by the end of next year; any petroleum […]