OSFC Debunks Center for Biological Diversity’s Claims on Pipelines

Last week, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) released a video and a “study” that claims to enumerate pipeline incidents since the 1980s. Before we go any further, it’s important to explain that we’ve put “study” in quotation marks because it’s hardly a study – in fact, CBD’s press release is twice as long as […]

National Academy of Science Report A “Boon for Backers of the Keystone XL Pipeline

National Academy of Science Report Finds Oil Sands Crude No More Likely to Spill than Any Other Type of Oil Report A “Boon for Backers of the Keystone XL Pipeline” Yesterday, on a busy news day involving the Keystone XL pipeline, some may have missed that the National Research Center (NRC) of the National Academy […]

OSFC Rapid Response on Obama’s Keystone Announcement

OSFC Rapid Response on Obama’s Keystone XL Announcement Not To Approve Keystone XL Unless Determined First It Will Not Lead to net Increase of GHG Emissions Update (3:49 P.M., ET, 6/25/2013): As expected, President Obama did mention the Keystone XL pipeline during his speech today, saying that a finding would be required to ensure the […]

“With A Stroke of His Pen” – President Lincoln Transcontinental Railroad Analogy More Fitting

If you’ve been following the recent Keystone XL coverage inside the beltway, you probably couldn’t help but notice the latest sensationalist arguments being peddled by Keystone XL opponents and propped up by a few in the press.  As one outrageous claim follows another, it’s pretty clear that this opposition operation has been throwing spaghetti against […]

NEW VIDEO: A Boon to the U.S. Economy: A Message to the President

*View the video HERE This morning, as the U.S. State Department commences its hearing in Nebraska on the Keystone XL pipeline, Oil Sands Fact Check released a new video, titled, “A Boon to the U.S. Economy: A Message to the President,” featuring Nebraska labor union members and manufacturers calling on President Obama to approve Keystone […]

Keystone XL Opponents Are Right: Public Overwhelmingly Supports Keystone XL

Perhaps for the first time, Oil Sands Fact Check may actually agree with opponents of Keystone XL. Bill Burton of the League of Conservation Voters acknowledged this fact: Despite his group’s best efforts to stir up opposition, the American public overwhelmingly supports the Keystone XL project. In fact, a national survey by the Pew Research […]