Fact Checking the Washington Post Fact Checker on Keystone XL

We typically appreciate the work of the Washington Post “Fact-Checker” but his “Fact-Check” last week on TransCanada’s Keystone XL commercial ignored the facts.  He gave TransCanada three Pinocchios for producing an ad which simply points out the obvious: the Keystone XL pipeline could significantly reduce the United States’ reliance on oil from unstable or unfriendly […]

IEA chief economist: “definitely wrong” to highlight oil sands as “a major source of carbon dioxide emissions”

Joining the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, the State Department, climate scientists and independent research organizations,  the chief economist with the International Energy Agency (IEA), Fatih Birol, is the latest expert to state that oil sands, and thus Keystone XL, will have little impact on greenhouse gas emissions. As IEA’s Birol put it, “…but […]

NEW OSFC VIDEO: Growing bipartisan voices say Keystone XL is the key to energy security

Click to play the complete video On the heels of President Obama’s speech in Ohio and his weekly address, where he touted the United States making great strides towards energy security, OSFC is releasing the second video of its two part series, which features Democrats and Republicans coming together to tell President Obama how important […]

EPA Administrator McCarthy: “If there’s oil there, someone will find it and use it.”

In yet another blow to Keystone XL opponents’ linchpin argument, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told Boston Globe reporter David Able in an interview today that, regarding Keystone XL, “If there’s oil there, someone will find it and use it.”  As Able tweeted later, “EPA administrator Gina McCarthy didn’t buy the argument that blocking the Keystone […]

Steyer’s Keystone XL Ad Gets Ignored…Again

OOPS! Steyer Inadvertently Celebrates Oil Boom in Jobs Ad Tom Steyer launched his latest anti-Keystone XL television ad over the weekend, but you would hardly know it considering how little attention it got. Looks like many in the media are getting tired of Steyer’s hyped-up claims and misleading statements (the New Yorker called his previous […]

Happy Canada Day!

Here at Oil Sands Fact Check, we’d like to wish Canada a very happy Canada Day! On the birthday of our neighbor and ally, it’s important to highlight the crucial relationship between our two nations – one that could lead to a mutual goal: North American energy security. Canada has the third largest oil reserves […]