Keystone XL Opponents Wrong Again: Canadian Panel Recommends Northern Gateway Pipeline

Keystone XL opponents were wrong: a Canadian panel has recommended building the Northern Gateway pipeline Opponents are also wrong that stopping a pipeline would stop oil sands development The Northern Gateway pipeline could transport oil sands to countries like China; meanwhile Americans are still waiting for Keystone XL Big news this week: a panel of […]

In Case You Missed It…New Editorials Support Keystone XL

As you get ready for the Fourth of July holiday, you may have missed several new editorials supporting the Keystone XL pipeline. Over the past few weeks, editorial boards from Chicago to Billings, Montana have responded to President Obama’s declaration that the approval of Keystone XL hinges on a finding that the pipeline will not […]

Happy Canada Day!

Here at Oil Sands Fact Check, we’d like to wish Canada a very happy Canada Day! On the birthday of our neighbor and ally, it’s important to highlight the crucial relationship between our two nations – one that could lead to a mutual goal: North American energy security. Canada has the third largest oil reserves […]