Fact Checking the Washington Post Fact Checker on Keystone XL

We typically appreciate the work of the Washington Post “Fact-Checker” but his “Fact-Check” last week on TransCanada’s Keystone XL commercial ignored the facts.  He gave TransCanada three Pinocchios for producing an ad which simply points out the obvious: the Keystone XL pipeline could significantly reduce the United States’ reliance on oil from unstable or unfriendly […]

New IHS CERA Report Shows Oil Sands “A Key Pillar” for Energy Security

A new report released this week by IHS CERA, which draws on more than four years of research, has found that oil sands are “now the largest foreign source of US oil supply, providing more oil than Saudi Arabia or Mexico.” As Kevin Birn, IHS CERA associate director put it: “Over the past decade the […]

In Another Week where Opponents pull more desperate stunts, EPA Chief says Keystone XL will not affect Administration’s work on climate

Yesterday on PBS’s “News Hour,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy stated clearly that the Keystone XL pipeline won’t impact the work the Obama administration has done on climate issues, as Politico Pro reported today.  From her remarks: “We have shown time and time again that we’re addressing the challenges of today in a way that continue […]

Opponents’ Major Road Block: Energy Security

–          NRDC’s Anthony Swift obfuscates and twists the facts on Venezuelan imports –          The facts: CITGO only refined 23 percent of the Venezuelan crude imported in July – that means other companies refined the other 77 percent of Venezuelan crude imported If Venezuelan crude is primarily consumed by non-CITGO refineries, there is every reason to […]

Fact Check: Kiesel Keystone XL Article a Rehash of Opponents’ Talking Points

Laura Kiesel’s article for The Street reads more like a roundup of Keystone XL opponents’ press releases than objective reporting. In fact, every citation in her piece is ripped straight from the opponents’ playbook, and each claim OSFC has previously debunked. Here are the facts: Keystone XL will have “no material impact” on greenhouse gas […]

American Public Will Not Buy Activists’ Climate Claims

Today, Keystone XL opponents released a report full of their old, thoroughly debunked talking points. Ever since President Obama said that his decision to approve Keystone XL would depend largely on a finding that Keystone XL would “not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution,” opponents have been working overtime to try to persuade Americans […]