Latest NRDC Recycled Julia Louis-Dreyfus Video Clip Shows Keystone XL Opponents Running Out of Ideas

As yet another poll released this week reveals that Americans overwhelmingly support the Keystone XL pipeline, opponents are running out of ideas, and continuing to recycle their worn out – and thoroughly – debunked claims. The latest example?  Check out this video launched this week by the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) – notice anything […]

“Political, Misleading or Downright Wrong”

The Washington Post attempts to explain the significance of KXL beyond Capitol Hill politics – and misses a few facts along the way It’s long been a source of pride for folks in Washington, D.C. to be living in one of the “best-educated” regions in the country, a status to which it lays claim thanks […]

STUDY: Oil Sands, Greenhouse Gases, and US Oil Supply (IHS CERA)

Transportation fuels produced solely from oil sands result in well-to-wheels life-cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 5 to 15 percent higher than the average crude refined in the United States. Well-to-wheels emissions include those produced during crude oil extraction, processing, distribution, and combustion in an engine. Many analyses of oil sands GHG emissions focus on emissions […]

Myth vs. Fact: Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations


Canadian greenhouse gas emissions regulations are weak and ineffective and are not strong enough to control oil sands emissions.


Unlike the United States’ other top five sources of imported crude oil, Alberta has strict regulations of emissions and monitoring of air quality.