Will Tom Steyer respond to consensus that his “crusade” is a “huge environmentalist mistake”?

Click above to view the full infographic. Today, Tom Steyer, along with his group NextGen Climate Action and the Center for American Progress Action Fund, will hold a climate summit to explore, as they say, “the pivotal question President Obama posed during his June 25th speech at Georgetown University: Would Keystone XL ‘significantly exacerbate’ carbon pollution?” […]

EPA Administrator McCarthy: “If there’s oil there, someone will find it and use it.”

In yet another blow to Keystone XL opponents’ linchpin argument, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told Boston Globe reporter David Able in an interview today that, regarding Keystone XL, “If there’s oil there, someone will find it and use it.”  As Able tweeted later, “EPA administrator Gina McCarthy didn’t buy the argument that blocking the Keystone […]

In Another Week where Opponents pull more desperate stunts, EPA Chief says Keystone XL will not affect Administration’s work on climate

Yesterday on PBS’s “News Hour,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy stated clearly that the Keystone XL pipeline won’t impact the work the Obama administration has done on climate issues, as Politico Pro reported today.  From her remarks: “We have shown time and time again that we’re addressing the challenges of today in a way that continue […]