Nothing New in NRDC’s Latest Report

Well, there’s nothing new in the anti-Keystone XL report the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) released today with the help of their ally, climate activist Bill McKibben.  Just take the letter green groups sent to the State Department, combine it with the letter Representative Waxman and Senator Whitehouse sent to the State Department, (which were […]

Don’t Misread the Inaugural Address

Pipeline opponents came out of the gate at a sprint this week, claiming premature victory after President Obama’s inaugural address.  With his commitment to address climate change, opponents interpreted his message as a precursor to a rejection of Keystone XL.  Yet the facts point to a different outcome.  Approving Keystone XL will not jeopardize the […]

REPORT: Environmental and Health Impacts of Canada’s Oil Sands Industry (The Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel)

INTRODUCTION  The oil sands deposits in northern Alberta have become a focus of intense development in recent years. Indeed, bitumen and synthetic crude oil production from the oil sands has in the past decade reached levels that are substantial on an international scale. Oil sands production has become increasingly controversial because of several widely publicized […]

Myth vs. Fact: Tailing Ponds are a Threat to Local Wildlife


Tailing ponds created during the oil sands mining process are a threat to local wildlife and have yet to be fully reclaimed despite promises made by the oil companies.


Alberta law requires full reclamation of every mining site. All companies developing the oil sands must establish a reclamation plan that spans the life of the project.

Myth vs. Fact: Keystone Pipeline


The original Keystone pipeline was riddled with issues that will only be repeated – not improved.


In its final environmental review of Keystone XL plans, the U.S. State Department concluded that the project would be the safest pipeline ever built in the United States and that it would have “limited adverse environmental impacts.