Keystone XL activists can’t get their story straight

Just days after the NRDC released a “report” proclaiming that there will be a “a flood” of oil sands into the United States and a “dramatic increase in the use of tar sands – derived gasoline in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states,” – flip flopping completely on their fundamental anti-Keystone XL talking points by the […]

The Truth about Exports vs. “Political Theater” and “Stunts”

1)    KXL is not a crude export pipeline 2)    The vast majority of crude oil refined in the U.S. has remained in the U.S. (products not used or in limited demand in the U.S. have been exported) 3)    President Obama’s National Export Initiative calls for doubling exports by the end of next year; any petroleum […]

Chinese Whispers? Or Cold-Hard Facts?

Oil sands energy will continue to be produced without KXL – it’ll just go to China instead of U.S. In a brief video appearance for The Nation last week, president Bill McKibben echoed a common theme for anti-Keystone XL activists:   “If Keystone [XL] doesn’t get built, it’s clear that banks and others will […]

Keystone XL & the Oil Sands: Emissions Here or There?

FACT: Canada accounts for only 2% of global GHG emissions. Emissions from oil sands are a small fraction of that. China, an immediate potential market for oil sands crude without Keystone XL, is the world’s largest emitter of GHG emissions at 25%. Download Infographic