NEW VIDEO: Facing the White House, Labor and Union Groups Urge Obama to Approve Keystone XL

“Life is defined by significant events, significant people and significant organizations. And brothers and sisters, today is just that – a group of significant people that have banded together, that came here today to fight for jobs.” – Terry O’Sullivan, President of Labors International Union of North America (LIUNA) A new Oil Sands Fact Check […]

Don’t Misread the Inaugural Address

Pipeline opponents came out of the gate at a sprint this week, claiming premature victory after President Obama’s inaugural address.  With his commitment to address climate change, opponents interpreted his message as a precursor to a rejection of Keystone XL.  Yet the facts point to a different outcome.  Approving Keystone XL will not jeopardize the […]

Oil Sands: Reshaping Economies for the Better

Considering the oil sands region resides in Canada, we deem it part of our mission at OSFC to take a critical look at the latest information coming from the homeland to stay ahead of the curve. One such opportunity to shed light on the Canadian side of the debate came about last week with the […]

FACT SHEET: Oil from Canada (API)

The United States imports million barrels of oil and petroleum products a day to help meet its energy needs. canada is the largest supplier to the u.s., providing more than 2.4 million barrels a day – more than 1/4 – of these imports. canada has the third largest oil reserves in the world, with […]