DiCaprio’s Eco-Hypocrisy Comes to Canada

The list of celebrities who claim to be environmental activists, but don’t exactly practice what they preach, is a pretty long.  And almost all of them have flown their private jets up to Alberta to tell Americans we don’t need Keystone XL (or fossil fuels for that matter).  That’s exactly what happened this week when […]

Keystone XL Opponents’ Political Campaign: Full of Aggression, Devoid of Facts

– Without the facts on their side, Keystone XL opponents are resorting to intense, aggressive political pressure campaigns.

– Meanwhile the facts are clear:

Keystone XL is environmentally sound and a safe means to transport Canadian energy resources;
It will create thousands of American jobs;
It will help the United States achieve energy security; and,
If Keystone XL isn’t built, Canada will still develop its oil sands and oil sands will find another way to the Gulf coast.

ICYMI: Bloomberg: Approve Keystone Now

**OSFC Note: Bloomberg published the following editorial on Monday, April 29 in support of Keystone XL.  [I]t seems to us that we have finally reached the “enough already” moment in this debate. The EPA had its say on the first environmental-impact report on Keystone in 2011. This time around, once the process is complete, eight […]

Six KXL Facts NBC Missed

Last Friday, NBC Nightly News aired a segment on the Keystone XL pipeline in light of TransCanada’s announcement that the project timeline will be further delayed. NBC did its due diligence by making a trip to see the oil sands first hand, but fell short on reporting the facts along the way. Here are six […]

EPA Keystone XL Comments: Lots of Hype, Nothing New

Opponents of Keystone XL seized on the Environmental Protection Agency’s public comments on the Department of State’s draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS), but the fact is EPA’s comments were hardly unexpected and offered nothing that hasn’t already been considered in the past four and a half years of review. Remember that EPA has been […]

Keystone XL – Just a Pawn?

Aside from frustration and years of uncertainty, there is one other thing that a four-year project approval process can bring: inconsistent rhetoric. While proponents of Keystone XL have maintained a steady drumbeat of support for the jobs, economic and national security benefits the pipeline will bring, the past couple of months have revealed that opponents […]