With the Overwhelming Scientific Consensus against Them, Anti-Keystone XL Groups Launch Desperate Twitter Stunt

The anti-Keystone XL group, 350.org, launched yet another PR stunt today directed squarely at Secretary of State John Kerry as he arrived in Lima for the international climate talks. Happening now: help send tweets to @JohnKerry on Keystone XL as he arrives at #COP20 climate talks! more info here: http://t.co/W1l2qBb5tO — 350 dot org (@350) […]

VIDEO: The Truth About the Anti-Keystone XL Rockefeller Brothers Fund

The foundation responsible for providing the financial support to launch and sustain Bill McKibbens group 350.org, known best for organizing the People’s Climate March in New York City this past weekend, as well as their anti-Keystone XL pipeline effort and anti-fossil fuel divestment campaign, acknowledged this week that they have millions of dollars invested in […]

Don’t Let the Facts Get in the Way of a Good Protest

It’s gut-check time for Keystone XL opponents. This week, the State Department Office of Inspector General released a report that absolutely destroys their conflict of interest charge. As Politico rightly noted, the IG’s report “marks yet another defeat for the pipeline’s opponents.” Greenwire called it “a notable blow.” To add insult to injury, over the […]

Sparse Attendance at Keystone XL Protests – Meanwhile Americans Say Yes to Keystone XL

After anti-Keystone XL groups advertised their protest Friday at the White House tree lighting ceremony far and wide, even scoring coverage with a few Washington DC news outlets, Politico Pro reported that only “about 10 people showed up.”  But that might even be a generous estimate as pictures from 350.org show only about six people […]

New Poll Finds “People in the Path” Overwhelmingly Support Keystone XL

A new Pew poll released this week found that a large majority of Americans (65%) continue to support Keystone XL, revealing once again that most Democrats, Republicans and Independents want the pipeline to be built.  Importantly, the poll also found that in the states the pipeline would traverse – Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma […]

Do the Math: Keystone XL Will Create Jobs & Revenue for Americans

In contrast to the majority of Americans who have time and time again expressed their support for the Keystone XL pipeline, fossil fuel opponent Bill McKibben of 350.org is taking his latest road show to Washington this week, and dragging his apocalyptic numbers on climate change with him. This particular stop for McKibben’s “Do the […]