Opponents’ Latest Opportunism

A few weeks ago, OSFC noted that Keystone XL opponents – faced with overwhelming support for Keystone XL from Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the American public – have been desperately grasping at straws. That’s exactly what happened on Friday night when Keystone XL opponents “cheered” the news that British Columbia had urged Canadian […]

NEW VIDEO: Facing the White House, Labor and Union Groups Urge Obama to Approve Keystone XL

“Life is defined by significant events, significant people and significant organizations. And brothers and sisters, today is just that – a group of significant people that have banded together, that came here today to fight for jobs.” – Terry O’Sullivan, President of Labors International Union of North America (LIUNA) A new Oil Sands Fact Check […]

ICYMI: Bloomberg: Approve Keystone Now

**OSFC Note: Bloomberg published the following editorial on Monday, April 29 in support of Keystone XL.  [I]t seems to us that we have finally reached the “enough already” moment in this debate. The EPA had its say on the first environmental-impact report on Keystone in 2011. This time around, once the process is complete, eight […]

Six KXL Facts NBC Missed

Last Friday, NBC Nightly News aired a segment on the Keystone XL pipeline in light of TransCanada’s announcement that the project timeline will be further delayed. NBC did its due diligence by making a trip to see the oil sands first hand, but fell short on reporting the facts along the way. Here are six […]

EPA Keystone XL Comments: Lots of Hype, Nothing New

Opponents of Keystone XL seized on the Environmental Protection Agency’s public comments on the Department of State’s draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS), but the fact is EPA’s comments were hardly unexpected and offered nothing that hasn’t already been considered in the past four and a half years of review. Remember that EPA has been […]

Keystone XL Opponents Are Right: Public Overwhelmingly Supports Keystone XL

Perhaps for the first time, Oil Sands Fact Check may actually agree with opponents of Keystone XL. Bill Burton of the League of Conservation Voters acknowledged this fact: Despite his group’s best efforts to stir up opposition, the American public overwhelmingly supports the Keystone XL project. In fact, a national survey by the Pew Research […]