NEW VIDEO: A Boon to the U.S. Economy: A Message to the President

*View the video HERE This morning, as the U.S. State Department commences its hearing in Nebraska on the Keystone XL pipeline, Oil Sands Fact Check released a new video, titled, “A Boon to the U.S. Economy: A Message to the President,” featuring Nebraska labor union members and manufacturers calling on President Obama to approve Keystone […]

Keystone XL Opponents Are Right: Public Overwhelmingly Supports Keystone XL

Perhaps for the first time, Oil Sands Fact Check may actually agree with opponents of Keystone XL. Bill Burton of the League of Conservation Voters acknowledged this fact: Despite his group’s best efforts to stir up opposition, the American public overwhelmingly supports the Keystone XL project. In fact, a national survey by the Pew Research […]

Canada Optimistic Project, Not Politics, Will Guide Keystone XL Decision

Americans aren’t the only ones debating what impact the outcome of the presidential election will have on energy policy. In Alberta, home to Canada’s oil sands which represent 97 percent of the country’s 175 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, citizens closely watched the race while newspapers honed in on how the next U.S. president […]

STUDY: Economic Impacts of Staged Development of Oil Sands Projects in Alberta (CERI)

The worldwide economic recession that hit in 2008 affected the Canadian oil sands significantly. But close to three years later the industry is once again expanding, with a number of major projects under development and still more proposed for the future. Pipelines, or other transportation means such as increased rail haulage, will soon be required […]

STUDY: North American Oil Sands – History of Development, Prospects for the Future (CRS)

When it comes to future reliable oil supplies, Canada’s oil sands will likely account for a greater share of U.S. oil imports oil sands account for about 46% of canada’s total oil production and oil sands production is increasing as conventional oil production declines. since 2004, when a substantial portion of canada’s oil sands were […]

FACT SHEET: Oil Sands (Energy Resources Conservation Board)

The oil sands have played an important role in Alberta’s economy for more than four decades, but the last 10 years have seen a dramatic increase in interest from both industry and the public. This EnerFAQs provides an overview of Alberta’s oil sands, discusses both mining and in situ production methods, and explains how the […]