Five Year Anniversary: List of Reasons to Build Keystone XL is “Now Nearly as Long as the Pipeline Itself”

New OSFC Infographic Highlights Major American Projects Built within Five Years [Click on the infographic to enlarge] Five years ago today, TransCanada submitted its application to build the full Keystone XL pipeline. Normally anniversaries are a cause for celebration, but this is an anniversary that marks the delay of major benefits to the American people: […]

Keystone XL Opponents Repackage Debunked Arguments in Effort to Further Stall Project

Keystone XL opponents are at it again; they’re recycling tired, debunked material in an effort to further delay a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline.  In their latest stunt, just a day before President Obama announced that he won’t approve Keystone XL unless the State Department finds that it will not significantly increase greenhouse gas […]

Keystone XL Opponents’ Political Campaign: Full of Aggression, Devoid of Facts

– Without the facts on their side, Keystone XL opponents are resorting to intense, aggressive political pressure campaigns.

– Meanwhile the facts are clear:

Keystone XL is environmentally sound and a safe means to transport Canadian energy resources;
It will create thousands of American jobs;
It will help the United States achieve energy security; and,
If Keystone XL isn’t built, Canada will still develop its oil sands and oil sands will find another way to the Gulf coast.

Opponents’ Latest Opportunism

A few weeks ago, OSFC noted that Keystone XL opponents – faced with overwhelming support for Keystone XL from Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the American public – have been desperately grasping at straws. That’s exactly what happened on Friday night when Keystone XL opponents “cheered” the news that British Columbia had urged Canadian […]

“With A Stroke of His Pen” – President Lincoln Transcontinental Railroad Analogy More Fitting

If you’ve been following the recent Keystone XL coverage inside the beltway, you probably couldn’t help but notice the latest sensationalist arguments being peddled by Keystone XL opponents and propped up by a few in the press.  As one outrageous claim follows another, it’s pretty clear that this opposition operation has been throwing spaghetti against […]

NEW VIDEO: Facing the White House, Labor and Union Groups Urge Obama to Approve Keystone XL

“Life is defined by significant events, significant people and significant organizations. And brothers and sisters, today is just that – a group of significant people that have banded together, that came here today to fight for jobs.” – Terry O’Sullivan, President of Labors International Union of North America (LIUNA) A new Oil Sands Fact Check […]