Steyer recycles ad that earned him “four Pinocchios” in latest political stunt

Billionaire anti-Keystone XL activist Tom Steyer is clearly walking back his previous threats to attack Democrats that support Keystone XL.  What he hasn’t done, however, is walk back the false claims that earned him “four Pinocchios” earlier this year from the Washington Post Fact Checker.

Here’s his new ad attacking Senator Marco Rubio, which is set to air this Sunday on local NBC television affiliates in Miami, Tampa and Tallahassee:

Notice anything familiar?  It’s almost identical to his previous “four Pinocchios” ad:

Remember, the Fact Checker blasted this ad saying it “does not even meet the minimal standards for such political attack ads. It relies on speculation, not facts, to make insinuations and assertions not justified by the reality.” The Fact Checker wasn’t the only one: the New Yorker also said that Steyer’s previous ads may be “good political theater” but they “lacked context” and were simply “stunts.”

Steyer may have changed his target – he may now be choosing party over principles – but he still has “four Pinocchios” when it comes to the facts.

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