New Video and Pamphlet: Overwhelming Consensus: Keystone XL Passes President Obama’s Climate Test

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News outlets have been reporting that billionaire anti-Keystone XL activist Tom Steyer – after performing his latest PR stunt today by rolling out a new climate report – is planning to visit the White House tomorrow to discuss his climate agenda.  The timing here is interesting: tomorrow also happens to be the one year anniversary of President Obama’s Georgetown University climate speech, where he announced that Keystone XL would have to pass a “climate test” in order to be approved. One year later it could not be clearer that Keystone XL passes that test – and with flying colors.

Today, to mark the one year anniversary of President Obama’s climate speech, Oil Sands Fact Check is releasing a new video and pamphlet which puts the spotlight on the overwhelming consensus – from the U.S. Government, highly respected research institutions, Congressional Democrats and Republicans, unions groups, editorial boards across the country, and even prominent climate scientists – that Keystone XL passes the climate test and is in our nation’s best interest.

Perhaps New York magazine writer Jonathan Chait put it best when he said, “So, what public policy reason is there to block the pipeline? There really isn’t one.”

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