Myth vs. Fact: Importing Oil Sands from Canada will Weaken American’s National Security

MYTH: Importing oil sands from Canada will weaken America’s national security.

FACT: National security experts, including high ranking members of the Obama administration, have stated that national security will be strengthened by deepening the U.S.-Canadian energy relationship. Ret. Gen. Jim Jones, speaking on the Keystone XL, said, “I feel strongly approving the project serves the economic and security interests of the United States.”[1]The U.S. Department of State similarly concludes that that the Keystone XL pipeline “would counteract insufficient domestic crude oil supply while reducing U.S. dependence on less reliable foreign oil sources.”[2]


[1] Houston Chronicle, “General Makes National Security Case for Keystone XL”,  16 Dec 2011

[2] U.S. Department of State, Draft EIS: Keystone XL Project, 16 April 2011


  1. Neymar says:

    Bill McKibben has done himself a great dssreivice by swallowing the James Hansen is God garbage hook, line, and sinker. Bill has turned his burning desire for a Utopian climate where all his outdoor pursuits are steeped in perfect weather conditions into a mindless regurgitation of the attention seekers’ endless prattle about the end of the world. The only person more impressed with Hansen than McKibben is Hansen himself.

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