Myth vs. Fact: Oil Demand Reduction is the Only Energy Security Policy

MYTH: Oil demand reduction is the only energy security policy.

FACT: Diversification of America’s energy resources is the best energy security policy. A significant part of our energy portfolio is oil, especially until more alternative energy sources become economically viable. The U.S. Energy Information Administration projects that although renewable energy use will grow rapidly, fossil fuels will still make up 78 percent of U.S. energy use in 2035, of which 33 percent will be oil and other liquid fuels.  The Chicago Council on Global Affairs agrees: “The U.S. imports nine to twelve million barrels of oil a day. We can reduce these oil requirements, but we still will import large quantities of oil for decades to come…Limiting purchases from Canada will only compel us to buy more oil from the other countries…”


  1. Nona says:

    Green technology tends to save more money in the long run, dtpeise being more expensive to begin with for example, motion-sensing light fixtures that only turn on when someone walks into a room are more expensive than regular lights, but after a few years the reduced power usage saves money. What examples of green energy are you looking at that are so cost-inefficient? Around here (Midwest) people have been installing windmills, which are quite green that have consistently proven profitable.

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