In Another Week where Opponents pull more desperate stunts, EPA Chief says Keystone XL will not affect Administration’s work on climate

Yesterday on PBS’s “News Hour,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy stated clearly that the Keystone XL pipeline won’t impact the work the Obama administration has done on climate issues, as Politico Pro reported today.  From her remarks:

“We have shown time and time again that we’re addressing the challenges of today in a way that continue to grow the economy, but is really getting at the pollution that is most dangerous for people: mercury, arsenic, carbon. These are things that we have been challenging wholeheartedly and aggressively. We have been making great strides forward.  No one project is going to take that away from us, but we are going to keep building on that success moving forward.”

Administrator McCarthy’s comments are right in line with the State Department, IHS CERA, and even prominent climate scientists who have all found that Keystone XL will have no material impact on greenhouse gas emissions.  So much for Keystone XL being “game over” for the planet!

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