Not all pipelines are getting the KXL treatment

Posted by Sabrina Fang The never ending fight over Keystone XL has not stalled the US pipeline boom. From North Dakota to Wyoming to Texas new pipelines have come online and have been safely and efficiently delivering oil across the country.  Since 2008 when the initial permit for KXL was filed, lesser known projects have […]

Mr. President let’s start with one pipeline

By Sabrina Fang Last night during his State of the Union, the president spoke about wanting Democrats and Republicans to come together to support new infrastructure, but they already have!  Congress is preparing to send a bipartisan bill to the president to build Keystone XL. Unfortunately, this bipartisan effort has been met with a veto […]

FACT SHEET: Keystone XL Passes President Obama’s Climate Test

President Obama declared in a 2013 climate speech that Keystone XL would need to pass a “climate test,” which means the pipeline must not significantly exacerbate greenhouse gas emissions.  From the State Department to prominent research institutions to the findings of climate and energy experts, the scientific evidence is overwhelming that Keystone XL passes the […]

“Sucker Punch”

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NRDC Flip Flops on Two of its Main Anti-Keystone XL Talking Points in New Report

The NRDC released its latest anti-Keystone “report” today arguing that the influx of Canadian oil sands will significantly drive up greenhouse gas emissions.  However, a closer look reveals not only the report’s numerous flaws, but the fact that in order to make this argument NRDC had to flip flop completely on two of its fundamental […]

Debunking Steyer’s Latest anti-Keystone video

The facts behind Keystone XL – that it will support tens of thousands of jobs, spur economic growth and put us on the path to energy security – are so obvious that all opponents are left with is perpetrating fictitious claims. The fruits of their fabrication are on full display in the video that billionaire […]