Campaigns, candidates and the Keystone XL pipeline

By Sabrina Fang Newly minted presidential hopeful Marco Rubio is for it, Jeb Bush who is thinking of a 2016 run says it’s a “no brainer”, but one White House hopeful has been mum about the Keystone XL pipeline.  As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she was “inclined” to approve KXL, but what will […]

KXL will be built no matter what Obama decides

By Sabrina Fang TransCanada the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline says they will continue to push ahead on project even if President Obama rejects it. In an interview with The Bakken Magazine Mark Cooper, a spokesperson for TransCanada, said, “This is definitely a project that’s in the interest of the United States. We’re very hopeful […]

Not all pipelines are getting the KXL treatment

Posted by Sabrina Fang The never ending fight over Keystone XL has not stalled the US pipeline boom. From North Dakota to Wyoming to Texas new pipelines have come online and have been safely and efficiently delivering oil across the country.  Since 2008 when the initial permit for KXL was filed, lesser known projects have […]

Even Warren Buffet says it’s time to build Keystone XL

By Sabrina Fang While the president continues to ignore the facts and the science from his own State Department review of KXL, one of Obama’s biggest supporters is urging him to approve the pipeline.  Warren Buffet says building Keystone is the right thing to do because Canada is an important trading partner, the oils sands resource […]

President Obama Vetoed Jobs and Energy Security

By Sabrina Fang Reject, turn down, throw out, dismiss – these are the words middle class Americans heard today when President Obama vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline.  With one stroke of a pen, an opportunity was wasted to foster bipartisanship in Washington, 42,000 people were denied jobs and the promise of a secure energy future […]

Domestic Steel Industry Supports Keystone Xl

By Thomas J. Gibson, President and CEO, The American Iron And Steel Institute By definition, a “keystone” is something which other things depend on for support.  Americans, including the domestic steel industry, are depending on the Keystone XL pipeline to deliver energy and create jobs.  As an energy intensive industry, we know that affordable and reliable sources of […]